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Let me know meaning in Hindi

The phrase "Let me know" can be translated to Hindi as "मुझे बताएं" (pronounced as "Mujhe bataayein") or "मुझे जानकर बताएं" (pronounced as "Mujhe jaankar bataayein").

In these Hindi expressions:

- "मुझे" (Mujhe) means "to me" or "me."

- "बताएं" (Bataayein) means "tell" or "inform."

- "जानकर" (Jaankar) means "knowing" or "after knowing." In the second expression, it adds emphasis to the request for information.

So, both "मुझे बताएं" and "मुझे जानकर बताएं" can be used to convey the meaning of "Let me know" in Hindi. These phrases are commonly used when you want someone to provide you with information or updates on a particular matter.