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Mother's maiden name meaning in Hindi

"Mother's maiden name" is translated into Hindi as "माता का अविवाहित नाम" (pronounced as "Mata ka Avivahit Naam").

In this translation:

- "माता" (Mata) means "mother."

- "का" (ka) is a possessive marker, indicating possession.

- "अविवाहित" (Avivahit) means "unmarried" or "maiden."

- "नाम" (Naam) means "name."

So, "माता का अविवाहित नाम" refers to the mother's unmarried or maiden name. This term is often used in various official documents or forms to inquire about a person's mother's family name before marriage. The maiden name is the surname that a woman has before she gets married and takes on her husband's surname.