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Simple present tense examples in Hindi to English translation

The simple present tense in Hindi is often straightforward and is used to describe habitual actions, general truths, or routine activities. Here are some examples along with their English translations:

1. मैं रोज़ सुबह जॉगिंग करता हूँ।

   - English: I jog every morning.

2. वह एक अच्छा गायक है।

   - English: He is a good singer.

3. तुम यह किताब पढ़ते हो।

   - English: You read this book.

4. हम स्कूल जाते हैं।

   - English: We go to school.

5. यहाँ समुद्र सुंदर है।

   - English: The sea is beautiful here.

6. तुम रोज़ सैर पर जाते हो।

   - English: You go for a walk every day.

In these examples, the simple present tense in Hindi is used to express actions that happen regularly, general truths, or routines. The verbs used in the examples are in their base or root form (e.g., करता हूँ, है, पढ़ते हो), and they convey a sense of habitual or routine activities. The simplicity of the tense structure in both Hindi and English makes it easy to express everyday actions and facts.