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What do you mean Meaning in Hindi

The phrase "What do you mean?" can be translated to Hindi as "tumhara क्या मतलब हैं?" (pronounced as "Tumhara kya matlab hain?"). In Hindi, this question is an inquiry seeking clarification or understanding about something that has been said or done.

The word "मतलब" (matlab) translates to "meaning" or "sense," and "क्या" (kya) is a question word meaning "what." So, the phrase literally translates to "What meaning?" or "What do you mean?"

When someone uses this expression in Hindi, they are usually asking for clarification or further explanation because they may not fully understand the intention or significance of the statement or action in question. It's a common and versatile phrase used in everyday conversations to seek clarity and ensure mutual understanding. The Hindi language, with its rich vocabulary, provides an expressive way to convey nuances of meaning and intention in such interactions.